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The gates of Belmere

My Latest 8 diary entries:

Pete's Churchill Odyssey 2005

76 Diary Entries
5th Dec 2005Scotland
4th Dec 2005The last full day ... of the tour
3rd Dec 2005Mong Kok
2nd Dec 2005Hong Kong
1st Dec 2005Dim sum, lose some
30th Nov 2005Commodities and carawongs
29th Nov 2005Wet and cold in Canberra
28th Nov 2005A koala encounter
27th Nov 2005Mt Buffalo, Australian Alps
26th Nov 2005Blowhard and Bright
25th Nov 2005Drysdale and gummy
24th Nov 2005Sunny St Kilda
23rd Nov 2005To Melbourne
22nd Nov 2005Moist
21st Nov 2005A cycle tour of the lake
20th Nov 2005Namadgi
19th Nov 2005To Canberra ...
18th Nov 2005Bonsai and seared kangaroo
17th Nov 2005On the Great Divide
16th Nov 2005Mount Coot-tha and Socceroos
15th Nov 2005Out of Townsville
14th Nov 2005Giant clams and Naked Fish
13th Nov 2005Yanks Harbour
12th Nov 2005A bit of Biggles and a bandicoot
11th Nov 2005A bit more Burdekin
10th Nov 2005The Burdekin
9th Nov 2005To the tropics
8th Nov 2005Whistle-stop Sydney ...
7th Nov 2005A harbour tour ...
6th Nov 2005Down Under
5th Nov 2005Time Lords ...
4th Nov 2005Gone fishin' and found a re-photographer!
3rd Nov 2005Ne ne ... at last and Akaka
2nd Nov 2005Nay ne ne ... but volcanoes
1st Nov 2005Snorkel Bob's, mac nuts and a Place of Refuge
31st Oct 2005Pearl Harbour and spooks on Big Island
30th Oct 2005Alooooooooooooooo - ha!
29th Oct 2005The party is over
28th Oct 2005To Phoenix
27th Oct 2005Saguaros at sunrise ... and sunset
26th Oct 2005The Desert Lab
25th Oct 2005Birdies and Buffel grass
24th Oct 2005To Tucson
23rd Oct 2005In search of Randy ...
22nd Oct 2005The Gallup Flea and the Canyon
21st Oct 2005At a Gallup
20th Oct 2005After O'Keeffe ...
19th Oct 2005The Abominable Snowmansion
18th Oct 2005Breakfast at Buckstars
17th Oct 2005Some serious shopping
16th Oct 2005A brush with The Broncos
15th Oct 2005All together in Denver
14th Oct 2005The Napa Old Faithful
13th Oct 2005The Chico saga
12th Oct 2005Tioga and Twolumne
11th Oct 2005Yosemite
10th Oct 2005Cruising from Cruz to Yosemite
9th Oct 2005Berkeley, Ca
8th Oct 2005USAF on show and the Golden Gates
7th Oct 2005Sleeping in Seattle
6th Oct 2005Leaving Canada .... by boat
5th Oct 2005Cowichan Bay
4th Oct 2005A Whale of a time
3rd Oct 2005A butchers at Butchert
2nd Oct 2005In the footsteps of Bridgeland
1st Oct 2005Blackfeet and bears
30th Sep 2005Huckleberries ...
29th Sep 2005Going-To-The-Sun
28th Sep 2005Life is just a bowl of Nachos
27th Sep 2005A brush with the Webb Vanderbilts
26th Sep 2005Il plu (?)
25th Sep 2005Belmere
24th Sep 2005Une grande soirée
23rd Sep 2005Burlington
22nd Sep 2005The first day of Fall, New Hampshire
21st Sep 2005It starts ....
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