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Pete's Churchill Odyssey 2005

Anne (5th Dec 2005)
Welcome back
Welcome back. I have found your journals fascinating and can't wait to hear first hand one day, your tales.I think I was driving down the Coventry Road as you flew over this morning! Take care. Anne
PM (2nd Dec 2005)
Thanks P and Jess
Anne is lying in bed at the moment with a damp towel over her head having walked the length and breadth of Kowloon yesterday without spending any money ! All this bargain hunting is not as easy as you think. However, Ben is using his contacts and we now have some really dodgy places to go and check out.
Wondered whether, if we bought a whole load of designer labels, whether you could stitch them into Jess's existing skirts ... how would that do?
Anyway, we're on the trail .....
P (2nd Dec 2005)
I have loved your trip. Thankyou for making it so entertaining and informative for all of us.Could you go somewhere elso early next year because I will miss all this. Can't believe my sis getting so into her photography, just wondering how her energy level gets on in the shops in HK. Could be quite a job. Lots of love P
Bam (29th Nov 2005)
No Subject
Bon voyage on the last leg, how exhausted you must be but we are oh so excited that we will see you in 5 days xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jess (28th Nov 2005)
Ow yes and anne i will give you some advise for christmas! since you aregoing to hong kong emms and i love the fake desiner skirts and tops that you can get for £2 or somthing! it would solve all your problems! they are very swish!! its just a thought thow!missind you loads jess
Kenny Deans (26th Nov 2005)
Pete, got your message about sportsmatch. Mr Fallows did us proud - Tipsy wiped within 12 hours. Currently waiting to hear...
Sounds like you're making good progress, we've kept a spot on the bowling night for you!
We're struggling with poor weather again but heyho nothing new in that.
Keep working hard, see you soon.
I take Anne is still OK for the book club 'potluck'?!
Jess (26th Nov 2005)
Its so unfair!!!!!!!!!!
Do you no how jealous you are making me i am at school in the rain!!!! it looks fantastastic!! hope your having fun. love the photos!
love jess
Harry (21st Nov 2005)
I am at home now working for pedlars. I have a serious breakthrough.. i will keep the evidence on me till we take down the randy critter. Hope all is well and it looks like your having an amazing time. Lots of love
PM (16th Nov 2005)
Thanks everyone
Currently in Toowoomba where there are no wireless hotspots but we're in a gaming arcade where ther are masses of cyber battles going on all around. May try to up load some diaries later when it quietens down.
Good to hear from you John ... I suspect that the Pioneer barracks have been flattened - must have been hot sleeping in one of those.
Cattie and Jules; can we keep this measage board 'clean' please with less mention of Operational Planning !!!
Dot; good to hear from you ... I never fully got my head around the last systems never mind the new ones.
Dot (16th Nov 2005)
From Work
Hi Anne and Pete

Looks and sounds like you are having a fabulous journey. As you can gather, work in Aviemore is still so interesting!! I don't know how you will be able to cope when you get back having been on such an exciting trip. Never mind, you will have the joy of learning all the new systems that are now in place. You have missed Siobhan's leaving - lots and lots of cake, a masterpiece poster designed especially by Kelly, and can't miss out the poem from Dave. Anyway - all the best. See you at the Christmas lunch. Cheers. Dot.
Bro Jo (15th Nov 2005)
Read abit more of your Burdekin trip spooky memories.cant wait to chat when you get home
Jules (15th Nov 2005)
Brisbane contact
Hi there

Hadn't realised you were heading into Brisbane - I have a very old friend there, who would be happy to meet up for a beer if you get bored with travelling around and making us jealous as we put with more torrential rain and bloody gales...thank heavens I have the operational Plan to keep me sane...hic!
Bam (14th Nov 2005)
What a trip,each addition
gets more amazing,u
will sleep forever whe
when u get home. Still
raining here xxxx
P (14th Nov 2005)
Lunch with Ben & Nick
Great lunch with B & N yesterday, who say they have had no comunication with U. I tried to phone you again after our great chat in John Lewis but figured Anne must have dropped her phone in the water somewhere. What a great trip. Glad you met some interesting people at Pioneer in the end. How incredible finding my name in the visitors book. Nick and Ben arriving here by train on Sat. so you could perhaps arrange a time for communication then. Photos great ,well done. Much love P.x
Bro Jo (14th Nov 2005)
No Subject
Thought you would like to Know the barrack at Pioneer was where I lived for 3 months happy days.Used to frequent the pub just behind the clock too.....
I have got jealous. It all looks great. I have a feeling Graham would have been a warm up act for the main performance. Rowan & Jo...
Cant wait to here how that went or can we remember Love to all
AM (13th Nov 2005)
Where is Harry ?
Harry Maitland where are you, not following in Randy's footsteps I hope?
Bam (11th Nov 2005)
Your silene
Presume your silence is due to the
mega hangover you were earning when
I spoke to you chez Forrest. Rain here
but monkeys back though very different
characters ie no Halftail. will write
Judy SS (11th Nov 2005)
Hi di hi from Doune
Dear Pete and Anne
It all looks fabulous especially while I sit in the office (the old piggery) while gale force winds and rain pours under the door.
You should have seen poor Jess's face, she looked like an extra from Wallace and Gromit - so sore was the teeth extraction.
I had the unenviable task of dropping Jo and Rowan at the airport a week or so ago - all these jammy people. So exciting for them. I sort solace in an Ikea breakfast!
I loved the photo of Anne at grown-up playgroup in Seattle. Did you make some smashing things?
I'm thinking of making a 'yield sign' like the one at Parker ranch for our drive - brilliant.
Love from Judy
Cattie (10th Nov 2005)
Got jealous
Hi Pete (and Anne). Taking a break from Operational Planning and enjoying the site. (Filling up your job plan with lots of nasties!) I have a photo of ne ne from 40 years ago at the Wildfowl Trust site in Peakirk. They look just the same!
Cousin Anne (7th Nov 2005)
Hi A and P. What a trip. Of course I've time to read it. Thanks for the quick e-mail. Great photos, great stories, great memories and now you are in the warmth. Send a bit over to us. Wishing you luck for the rest of the trip. I'm a bit behind but will finish viewing tomorrow. love to both. A, J and D.
Corndog (5th Nov 2005)
Great photos pete, there even better when your in the middle of the north sea with the only view being fog!Keep up the good work.
PM (4th Nov 2005)
Quality control (Anne) has just been reading through the site and says I have some events muddled up from Tucson. All cut and pasted now into the right order (for what its worth!!
We're at 4000ft in Hawaii at the moment and its pi**ing with rain. Off down to find some sun on the other side. Harry - good to have you around ... and keep lookin'. Let us know when you will start searching back in the UK. Kenny - thanks, I get the message. Stuart - I thought you of all people would approve ... it's well off the beaten track. Nick - I have a whole load of info about Hawaiian wall building. Suz - thanks, I think Anne would have something to say over that idea.
Harry (31st Oct 2005)
After splitting, Ben and Nick you must search the Highlands of Scotland, Anne and Pete the Highlands of Hawaii and i will go search the Highlands of Colorado alone.. He cant be far!! I bet no one else on the planet is making as much an effort as we are searching for the goggle-eyed, weedy looking, long haired, bearded LEGEND. I just want to say thank you for an unforgetable voyage to a place where only those who have ventured there can imagine. Bronco's spanked the Eagles 49-21 in the pouring rain and got to go on pitch with players training. I hope you found the sunglasses (for those who dont know my the eldest of Auntie and Pete's two sons posed for a photo before heading to airport and forgot he left his glasses on the car roof until we got there).. Thanks again, Good luck and lots of Love
Ken & Marj (31st Oct 2005)
Sorry it's partially cloudy out there, it's fantastic here, rain and wind, - bracing. You looked like you enjoyed the Canyon, it's difficult to capture on film really. That's just an observation generally! Hope you're getting lots of work done Peter... take care, aye,
Stuart (30th Oct 2005)
Nice shots of the canyon pete. You're maybe a good photographer but your a hopeless trail guide!
Nick aitken (30th Oct 2005)
Greetings from Kingussie
Hi Y'all,
Good to hear all is going well, keep an eye open for interesting stone walls on the way.

Best wishes,
P (29th Oct 2005)
Ben and Nick's return
I am hoping to hear from you today or Sunday am in order to be at the airport at the right time. Jess just had wisdom teeth out. She's in quite a bad way so will be off school on Monday in order to be looked after by Ben and Nick! Love P
Rowan Braithwaite (27th Oct 2005)
World Tour
Hi Pete
Realised you may not have our email to get back to us,so
We leave next Wed for Auckland.10 days NZ,then 9 in Aus.
Fiji and LA for few days each on way home.
have fun
Ro Jo
ps weather now glorious !
Ren (26th Oct 2005)
Hi there
Hey guy's,
how you doin. you all look like your havin a great time. i was lookin 4 ward to seein nick and ben on the rugby feild but i got concussion so im off for 3 weeks, shame but if its home i will be able to come, cheer and laugh!!! have fun renxxxxxxxxxx
Claire (26th Oct 2005)
Harrys passport
How the other half live-re-Rowan and Jo. Have a fab time all those who are galavanting. Watch out for the rice puddings and the wavy gravy.Anna home today. Please get Harry to e-mail a copy of the back page of his passport to before Monday else he may not get to Tanzania. Have lost his phone number.
Steve 'n' Kate (25th Oct 2005)
Sadly I appear to have less active hair follicles than you have fat cells around the mid-riff. Such are the pleasures of middle age.

Hope your enjoying Tucson - we thought it was fabbo - especially the desert museum. Seen any elf owls?
Suzanne (25th Oct 2005)
Hi Moores - we are all DEAD JEALOUS of the AMAZING journey you are taking us through - it is quite spectacular - I have to go and lie down for a rest after each diary entry!!!I hope you've bought some extra suitcases to cope with all the shopping and that all the clothes are in a bigger size after all that eating!! Pete - I think you might now have to become a food writer! Masses of love to you all from the Drysdales. xxx
Rowan Braithwaite (24th Oct 2005)
Overseas Tour
Hi Pete and Anne
Jo and I are off to NZ and Australia next week for most of Nov.We bumped into Tony and Julia the other day and they thought you are headed in that direction soon as well.
Maybe we could meet up ?
Gather the boys have joined you for half term.Hope you are having a fab time.
Rowan & Jo
Weathers absoloute shite here,gales and floods !
Bam (24th Oct 2005)
4 B&N
Had a lunch party for the presentation to Ren of THE club, he was gob smacked, stroked and kissed it all through the meal. If the deluge subsides he is playjng the next 3 days so hopes for amazing result. How goes yours?
Pm (23rd Oct 2005)
Rice Pudd
As you have deduced, the rice pudd is part of a deeply philosophical metaphor for the exploration of time and change as recorded through photography ... more of the gas mark 5 variety than the expanding girth variety. Its handy you point out the latter though. We've perhaps been disillusioned these last weeks ... feeling quite anorexic at times; particularly iun the breakfast queue at McDonalds. Equally it could be your screen settings. How's your hairline these days?
Glad you've found your way here.
Steve 'n' Kate (23rd Oct 2005)
Supersize P
Is the plan to go back and take another picture of the rice pudding at a later date? Yours in confusion.
Steve 'n' Kate (23rd Oct 2005)
Have now grappled with technology and caught up with your exploits. Two points struck us - first: rice pudding? second: expanding girth. Are they by any chance related?
At least Anne looks slim.
Bam (22nd Oct 2005)
Jess' b-day
Went to Jess' b-day lunch with cake by Janet - the 14th she has made her. I-pod very popular infact I dont remember Jess sayin anything after seeing it except to ask advice from Will. Miserable drizzily weather. We are off on Wednesday - 246 422 0780 l of l xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Claire (22nd Oct 2005)
Found Moonlight at Hernandez..beautiful...Hope you moon co-operated so you you could get a retake!!
Claire (22nd Oct 2005)
Dead jealous!
What a fab photo of red hot chilli peppers. Hope Harry is bringing some home. you had better keep him away from the jalapenos if you are spending lots of time in the car. Lots more photos please and hope to try and call this weekend.xxxx
Jess (21st Oct 2005)
Hi!!!!! SOME CRACKING PHOTOS! keep you eye out for somthing for me to paint!! i am all ready for it!! its my birthday tomorrow! hope you are having fun, thinking of you love jess xxxx
Bam (21st Oct 2005)
Cara wants to hear from Harry asap
Pat (20th Oct 2005)
Loving it...
Am really enjoying the updates...could do with more photos though...!!
Love to the boys,
Bam (18th Oct 2005)
Where are you?
No reply at John's& you leave tomorrow, how do we get in contact? Will try again tomorrow. All well here, Ems' job great, autumn colouring just peaked, miss u xxxxxxxxxx
Claire (18th Oct 2005)
Hope Anne guards her pine cone better from you, than you guarded your ebony logs from her, after announcing that they were booked into your suitcase to return to Bonny Scotland, but Whoops, plans had to be averted when they were found smouldering on the bonfire at Vic Falls.
Photography colouring up nicely. You must be about to head off down the Grand Canyon.Watch out for that car alarm!! Love to Harryxxxx
Virginia Fyffe (17th Oct 2005)
Got your web address from Claire so this is first visit. Much enjoyed reading about car alarm at Yosemite!
Hope you have a great half term with Ben and Nick.
Love to you both Virginia & Rick
Grayem Forrest (17th Oct 2005)
Arrival in Sydney
Hi Anne
Me again - let me know what your flight arrival details are on Tuesday 8th November and will pick you up. We are only 10 minutes from the airport. Should we miss each other my mobile phone is 0408 112 910
Grayem Forrest (16th Oct 2005)
Hi Anne

Just received an email from Kilrie and news of your web page. Now I know what you are both up too and it sounds very interesting. Looking forward to welcoming you both to Sydney - see you on November 8th.
PM (16th Oct 2005)
All together
We've all met up safely with the boys (Ben, Nick and Harry) and have spent the day generally catching up and vegging out ... in Denver for a couple of days yet; heading to Taos on Wednesday
P (16th Oct 2005)
Hope you have all met up. Really enjoyead the peacefulness of Yosemite being temporily upset. Am looking forward to travellling with you on the next section so make sure you keep us updated and don't get carried away with being too busy. Emms has a job and starts tomorrow. So will now be in res. at Learmonth Cres. for lots of visits.
AM (15th Oct 2005)
PM,s wife
I,m glad your all enjoying the diary,Pete spends hours on it. Keep up the messages it inspires him!
Bam (15th Oct 2005)
What an amazing time you are having, by the time we meet again you will be cross -eyed and gaga from over kill but your reporting is superb. Boys are enroute, very adult and in control - have a wonderful time with them xxxxxxxxxx
PM (14th Oct 2005)
Heading for a bonanza upload ... as soon as I get near a hi speed connection. On a dial up at present ... but all will be revealed soon. Denver tomorrow ...
Zoe - WELL DONE !! the world awaits.
Zoe (11th Oct 2005)
Taking to the air
Enjoying your diary entries, keep up the typing! Thought I'd let you know that I flew in an airyplane at the weekend - and I survived!
P (6th Oct 2005)
Love the bear
Enjoying your trip hugely. Have just bumped into Ben at the supermarket . He came back to the flat to help with some DIY - Emms and I putting a ikea wardrobe todgether! I think he will be back very soon. Am I right Ben? Lots of Love P
Jules (6th Oct 2005)
Telluride Dave
Pete, I emailed Dave about you possibly meeting him within Colorado, and he is cool with that - to quote "I'm all over this state"..!!! And he is - all over the USA actually judging by the land he has just bought to develop - he will be in Orlando Florida at the back end of Nov, but you'll be elsewhere by then I the man and see what he is up to...stay safe
Pat (5th Oct 2005)
I can't believe that it could be so beautiful here now..the hills a gleaming red, about to get redder..and temp 25 to 28 all week so humidity..too good ! So
really missing you..have fun, Pat
Tony Ormsby (5th Oct 2005)
Your Travel Schedule
Hi Guys, hope your travels have been inspiring.You must be getting close to San Fran by now. I am down in LA LA Land (LA) but will be back in Auburn Friday evening. I don't know what your exact schedule is once you hit San Fran. I thought you might be traveling the coastal HY south via Carmel and then heading east to Yosemite. What ever your plans, I will be home Saturaday, and will be so all week as it sits.
Either E-mail me at or call me on my cell 916-715-1278. Auburn phone # is 530-269-1640. Home to hear from you soon.
Peace & Love, Tony
Kenny (5th Oct 2005)
Just packing for Greece, thought about the other travellers. With more practice with these diary entries you might qualify for match report status!
Enjoy sunny Vancouver Island, aw ra best.
Bam (5th Oct 2005)
So sorry about the weather, you must be fed up. No news. Harry leaves tomorrow. Weather here warm and grey and the colours getting better daily. Barbados suffering from great heat and drought. much love xxxxx
Robin Tim and Simon (4th Oct 2005)
No Subject
Simon loved the picture of the chipmunk. Something akin to what we see running around near the cottage. Loved the stuff about the airport in Boston. Typical!
So sorry we are missing you on the other side this year.
I think we will miss Ben and Nick as well. You've certainly had lots of rain on this side. Toronto has been 30 every day for about a week. Looking forward to nice cool Scotland
Good luck with the rest of the tour you two!

PM (4th Oct 2005)
The airport bit
Thanks Captain Stevies Missus, luckily they didn't detect my intimate piercings!
Captain Stevie's Wife! (4th Oct 2005)
Loved the Airport Bit
The airport report, cracked me up...oh my god... I would have died if they'd done that to me, I almost fainted in Edinburgh airport when my belly button ring set off the metal detector alarms! Bet the old Scottish sense of humour won them round in the end tho!!! best wishes and good health to you both. Mel and Steve (Maahhm and Captain to you!! whooooh)
Stuart (2nd Oct 2005)
Nice shots
The photography is really picking up. Like the art and composition of the chipmunk and flora, and neat capture of the moment with the antlers.
Pat (1st Oct 2005)
No Subject
Apart from loving having you here,how great is it to be able to continue on your trip with you ! Keep up the good work...And here's to Anne's photography...I love it !
Much love and Good Travellin'....
Pat = Le tapotement = Google French !!!
PM (30th Sep 2005)
Thanks everyone
Thanks everyone Ė tried to send this from Woodstock the other day but we lost the hook Ö now sitting in Columbia Falls, Montana in P&@£ing rain and finally have a bit of time. We successfully shifted from phase one to phase two of the tour; Met with Parks Canada a couple of days ago and while I was doing so Anne went off exploring and had a close encounter with a coyote from the car Ö she even got a pic !!! Just seen a bear also.
Tony Jnr; hopefully see you in a couple of weeks? I gather Anne's going to phone, though vodaphone are not playing ball at the moemnt. Jules, I'll try to drop Dave an e-mail; probably won't get there, but interested in contact if he's roaming the State at the time ... Mark; top of the league whoaa! Sounds like you do need me, urgently (yeah, right!) Have a good passage to Stornoway. Zoe; keep snappin' .... I'll get a pic of some chocolate for you.
Hopefully get up to date just now if the battery holds up !!!
All for now
Bam,Ben & Nick (30th Sep 2005)
Where are u?
Claire (28th Sep 2005)
Wow....It looks pretty chilly in Calgary....Hope Anne isnt still travelling in bare feet. trees all starting to look pretty stunning on Royal Deeside but I think they will be blown down at Pollcreagan.
Zoe (27th Sep 2005)
V entertaining so far - keep it up. More pics of food please! I am religiously snapping away at the building site across the road, seven houses and counting....

Mark (27th Sep 2005)
Kincraig calling
Hi Pete & Anne

Chickens are fine - nice with a white wine sauce...Like the site. I assume Anne has been taking the good photos.

We won on Saturday against Banff (17-15) and I think we are top of the league. Are you available for Stornoway??

Tony&Skip (26th Sep 2005)
Sounds like you are both moving fast and having fun. We are off to Crarae tomorrow and back on Friday to be entertained by Ben & Nick for the weekend
AD & Puffin (26th Sep 2005)
No Subject
We are SO enjoying our armchair travelling. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves.
Nick (26th Sep 2005)
No Subject
Cool website i really like the pics
PM (26th Sep 2005)
Robin- yours deserves instant attention; thanks - youíve obviously had a Bizzy Sundae. Iíve always been a bit torn between B&Js and BaskiníRobins; BRs have some particularly fine flavours such as the Roly Poly and Hubba Hubba; Hope all this mental dexterity hasnít resulted in too much Waney Brainey Ö or Flippy Floppy
Jules (26th Sep 2005)
Glad you are both safe and well across the pond. I have alerted Telluride Dave that it is unlikely you will get to the San Juans (God's own mountain range)to see him and that area, but he is around so let me know if plans change...

Take care...

Robin (25th Sep 2005)
Ben and Jerrys

Trust you to have always thought that the great ice cream makers were called Ben and Nicks. At least you now know better.

I thought an old groover like you would have had Cherry Garcia rather than go with the Wavy Gravy flow. And whats wrong with Holy Cannnoli for your wife?

I hope that The Full VerMonty is cool and that you're living up to the Making Whoopie Pie flavour, which is a little more enticing than The Gobfather, which you possibly spotted in the Flavour Graveyard (I know about these things!)

Keep it up and Cheeky Monkey Pete will be not merely Half Baked, but will be Chubby Hubby by the time you are saying "Honey I'm Home".

Confused? You better use some more Fossil Fuel and go back to Waterbury for a re-take.

Peace of Cake.

Tony Ormsby (25th Sep 2005)
Welcome to the other side of the pond
Hi guys, Dad gave me your site so I thought I would sign on. Looks like you are covering the east coast in quick fashion. Once you work your way west give me a call.
Love, Tony
P (25th Sep 2005)
How great this armchair travelling is. A good few months of this - fantastic. I hope Harry M. will be taking over in Jan. so we can all travel to Africa. Well done. xxx
Bam (25th Sep 2005)
Wonderful 1st entry, thank you Charlie for setting a standard! will be talking to you later today when you are at Pat's. dont over do it or you will collapse xxxxx
Ben (25th Sep 2005)
No Subject
Hi, school finally let me own to the site. How is your ipod????????
Charlie (24th Sep 2005)
No Subject
Hi guys, good to see you competing with my photos. Looking forward to seeing many more to come. Hope the start of your trip is going well. cx
Jonathan and Jill (24th Sep 2005)
Good luck
Have a great time the site already lives up to its name. cant wait to be enthralled by the holiday snaps on your return.
Claire (22nd Sep 2005)
No Subject
Bon Voyage..Cant wait to read all about it and see the results..Anne dont drop that camera